Online Fundraising Tips for Youth Sports

May 12, 2021    Fundraising

sports team - online fundraising tips

Need a way to raise funds for your youth sports program? Set up your athletes, parents, and coaches for simple, successful fundraisers with these online fundraising tips. 

Clearly communicate your mission

Especially as your fundraising page gets shared with the masses, it’s pertinent that it clearly communicates the goal of your campaign. Make your needs and objectives clear from the beginning so your donors know exactly where their money is going. Communicate the value in donating and help them feel like they’re part of something big. 

Make it easy to donate

At the end of the day, it’s tough to get donations if your fundraiser isn’t set up well. An easy-to-use fundraising platform like Pickle Juice can help drive more donations without the hassle. Some tips to make it simple and accessible:

  • Make sure there’s a clear, highly visible “donate” button 
  • Give predetermined donation amounts so donors can donate at the click of a button
  • Never make your donors download an app in order to donate

Maximize reach and focus on sharing

There’s no need to build a distribution list from scratch in order to maximize your reach if you use Pickle Juice. Instead, utilize our Message Center to text or email your donation links to all of your registered users with just a few clicks. It’s also important to make your fundraiser easily shareable on social media. 

Allow donors to cover payment processing costs

Worried about offsetting the cost of a fundraising platform? Maximize your donations by making it easy for donors to cover your payment processing costs. It’s just a few dollars to them, but saves you plenty in the long run. 

Keep your donors updated on the progress of your campaign

If you can, reach out to your donors within the first few days of donating in order to thank them for their contribution, then update them on the success down the road. Let them know as you begin to reach your goals and that this success would not be possible without their help. This helps maintain your relationship with them and even encourages future donations. 

When it comes to online fundraising, Pickle Juice is different in that it allows you to create and share campaigns without using third-party vendors. 

You can easily set your goals, communicate with your athletes and parents, and accept donations from your account. 

More online fundraising features: 

  • Quickly create custom fundraisers directly from your custom dashboard
  • Create, manage, and view multiple campaigns at once
  • Set and share fundraising goals and easily track your progress
  • Easily view donors and donation amounts
  • Enable donor to display their name and a message or donate anonymously
  • Communicate regular updates through your promotion page
  • Enable donation revenue to be added to your booster organization’s master account

Have any questions about online fundraising? Ready to get started with Pickle Juice? Let’s talk! Reach out to us here and we’ll guide you through your first online fundraiser.

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