5 Things You Didn’t Know Pickle Juice Could Do

October 1, 2023    Fundraising, Payments, Registration, Uncategorized, Youth sports

Must-Have Features You Need In One Powerhouse Platform

Managing a high school team comes with a lot of moving parts. You need a team management platform that can rise to every challenge. 

Here are 5 features you didn’t know were in the Pickle Juice game bag:

Digital Payments

Whether for online registration payments, sporting event tickets, or fundraising and fees, a lot of money changes hands when you’re part of an active team. The digital payments feature and convenient mobile payment app make it easy for students, parents, and event attendees to contribute via multiple forms of payment. 

Communication & Message Center

Stay in the loop and keep everyone else in it, too. The centralized communication hub is the place to go for keeping track of vital updates, sending out alerts and reminders, and posting schedule or location changes. You can also store documents here to answer frequently asked questions and keep your inbox to a minimum. 

Online Registration

Registration is one of the most time and energy-consuming processes of high school team sports. Our platform helps you organize, streamline, and digitize the entire process. Take digital payments, set up payment plans, upload and manage forms, and customize your registration experience. 

Financial Reporting

With all that money changing hands, the treasurer needs to know where it came from and where it’s going next. The Pickle Juice platform offers detailed financial reporting to make record-keeping and financial organization as simple as possible for your volunteer booster parent to manage. 

Easy & Streamlined Fundraising

Every high school team runs on Gatorade, spirit, and fundraising. We can help you with that last one! The online fundraising feature allows you – and each of your members – to easily create, manage, view, and share fundraising campaigns without relying on yet another software. You can even give donors the option to cover the processing fees. 

What Do You Need Pickle Juice To Do?

We check all these boxes and more! To see it in action, schedule a demo today. 

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