How Pickle Juice Pairs Well With Your Digital Ticketing Platform

October 5, 2023    Fundraising, Payments, Registration, Uncategorized

Digital Ticketing and Pickle Juice

Congratulations! You’ve already moved into digital ticketing for school sporting events. But let’s take it a step further and optimize EVERYTHING. There are so many opportunities for savings, growth, and organization, and making it all easy when you blend the best of both worlds. 

Here’s how to unlock the untapped synergy of your digital ticketing app when paired with the Pickle Juice platform: 

Streamlined Systems

From event promotions and concession sales to digital ticketing and financial tracking, pairing these two tools together offers an unmatched streamlined system that makes everyone’s job so much easier. 

Opportunities For Promotion & Donor Engagement

Personalized communication and sending tailored messages, exclusive alumni offers, or thank you notes after a donation or event. Get valuable feedback from regular donors and offer sponsorship opportunities. Give them the option to make recurring donations. Spread the word on upcoming events to boost attendance. 

Centralized Data Management

Digital ticketing + detailed financial reporting = every athletic director, team manager, or administrator’s dream. Pairing your digital ticketing platform with Pickle Juice lets you easily manage and track all the backend and details without busting out a clipboard or spreadsheet. Pull financial reports on ticket sales, concessions, and merch. 

User-Friendly Experience

Connecting your ticketing platform and your team management software creates an enhanced, user-friendly experience for team members, leadership, donors, and the public. Send out the event schedule and include advance ticketing opportunities. Maybe include a nudge to get their favorite team swag in advance and get ready for the big day, all seamlessly working together. 

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Leverage the promotional, fundraising, and concessions features of Pickle Juice for your next event to increase the revenue opportunities for your teams. Make it easy for donors and families to support upcoming events in as many ways as possible. 

Let’s Get Pairing!

Can you picture it? That all-digital, easy-to-use solution for team management? Go beyond ticketing and perfect all of your team management processes. Schedule a demo with the Pickle Juice team today and see how easily it can integrate with your digital ticketing system. 

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