How to Start Planning for Spring High School Sports Registration

October 13, 2023    Registration, Uncategorized, Youth sports

4 tips for spring high school sports registration

Structure is an important element of all high school sports and artistic teams. Anything else is complete mayhem. From registrations and payments to paperwork and schedules, booster club presidents, coaches, and athletic directors have to stay organized. 

Here are 4 top tips for planning for Spring registration:

Start Early

If you wait until March, it’s already too late. Start planning your spring registration launch now to set yourself and your teams up for success. Set key dates and begin sending alerts and reminders well in advance to prepare all parties involved. 

Offer Online Registration

The paperwork of registration – permissions, uniforms, emergency contact, scheduling, etc. – is enough to wear a person out. With online registration, you can streamline data collection, collect payments, and organize it all within one single platform. 

Organize Financial Data

The finances of high school team sports can get murky. The bookkeeper gets buried as soon as registrations and fees start piling up. With a team management platform like Pickle Juice, you can organize all financial data, pull reports, and keep clean and clear records. You can also offer early-bird discounts for those who can submit their information in advance and reduce the load. 

Skip The Inbox Clutter With Streamlined Communications

Start getting the word out to all the people and keeping everyone in the loop from a centralized communication hub. Share group messages and community files, answer questions, send private messages, alerts, and reminders – everything you need can all be managed in one place with Pickle Juice.

Start Now. Finish Strong!

Gearing up for spring starts as soon as fall is closed. But it doesn’t have to be tiresome and difficult. Schedule a Pickle Juice demo today and see how you can streamline your spring registration ASAP.

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