Messaging Tips: Best Practices for Communicating with Your Entire Team

August 25, 2021    Fundraising, Payments, Registration, Youth sports

communicating with your team

How are you communicating with your team? Are you able to keep all athletes, parents, and coaches in the loop? Ever wish there was a better way to communicate with your entire team? 

At Pickle Juice, we believe it shouldn’t be complicated to communicate with your entire team. 

Some Pickle Juice messaging tips:

Create a messaging strategy. 

Some examples include:

  • Emails to the entire team once everyone has signed up to introduce the coaches and team
  • Texts to the team with reminders about upcoming practices, games, or events 
  • Emails to the team with details about next season

With Pickle Juice, you’re able to send all of these from one central place, making it easier on you to manage the communications everyone is getting. 

Set up registration confirmations. 

Set it and forget it! Never manage registration or payments manually again. By automating registration confirmations, payment receipts, payment plan reminders, and failed payments, you’re eliminating the guesswork and ensuring every payment will be taken care of. 

Set up groups in order to quickly send out group messages. 

Create groups by team, organization, sport, etc. for easy group messages later. You never know when you’ll need to send out a message to the entire team about a weather delay, last-minute field changes, updated practice times, or emergencies. 

Utilize electronic invoices. 

Electronic invoices make it easy to recap an invoice and give players and parents an easy way to make a payment. When you utilize electronic invoices from Pickle Juice, you can trust that they’re secure and simple. 

Messaging is just one of the many features we offer at Pickle Juice. In addition to messaging, you can also take advantage of fundraising, registration, concessions, and reporting features. The best part? If you sign up now, you’ll get our premium package at the same price as our standard package through 2021. 

If you’re ready to change the way you communicate with your teams, let’s talk.

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