Benefits of building rosters from a single registration

February 23, 2022    Registration

Managing your team’s registration shouldn’t be complicated, but too often it can be. The Pickle Juice app now gives league administrators even more flexibility and control when it comes to assigning individual players from a youth sports team to their individual roster.

The only thing players or parents have to do is sign up once through a single registration and then the league’s director can quickly and easily place players onto an individual roster. 

For example, parents signing up their son or daughter to a middle school soccer team can register their athlete under the same registration as all the other kids in the league. The league director then has the power to create rosters or teams and then place each athlete on the team they made. 

This is Team registration, simplified. But why is this something you should care about? 

Control to The Admin 

One of the great things about this new feature is the ability it gives to the league’s director to have complete control over the league from the start. The process is streamlined through one central registration. 

As the admin, you can now sign up multiple registrants—it could be 2, 50 or 250—under the same, single registration, and then you can create the rosters and assign different teams. 

Simplifying Registration

Simplifying registration has been our bread and butter at Pickle Juice. By allowing parents to register in one place, we’re taking the headaches and any problems that could cause a cramp in the system and removing it. 

For your team parents, they can now sign up a child during tryouts or at the start of the season and then have confidence that the process is taken care of. Once the league administrator places your child on a given team, then they can keep you updated with a change, invoices, links to fundraisers, etc. 

With this new registration feature, you can ensure your registration process is simplified.

And if you start your registration this season and have questions, we’re happy to help you along the way. Let us know today if you think Pickle Juice is right for you this season! 

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