4 Tips For A Successful Summer Camp

April 13, 2022    Youth sports

4 Tips For A Successful Summer Camp

If you have been planning a summer sports camp for the past couple of weeks or months, we don’t have to tell you how quickly the date is approaching. You’re aware of it. 

Leading a camp is a lot of responsibility, and whether it’s your first one or one of many, there are still steps you can take to make sure your camp takes off smoothly from the start. 

  1. Understand what you want to accomplish: What is the purpose of your youth sports camp? Is this just an opportunity to take kids out of the house for a social gathering, or will you be working on drills and hammering down techniques and specialized skills for a specific sport? The decision you make to understand the purpose of your camp will help decide the next steps you take, how many registrants you are accepting, the fees needed to manage this event, etc.
  1. Register participants: Once you understand the purpose of your camp, it’s time to start getting signups and collecting registrations. Make sure you have an online platform that helps you register your participants and sign any necessary paperwork. Our online registration platform streamlines the process in one centralized location. 
  1. Create a fundraiser: Summer sports camps are expensive. Fundraisers help offset some of the costs associated with renting locations, paying for things like field trips, equipment, etc. Our platform lets you create a custom fundraising campaign for your event and you can accept general donations with preset dollar amounts or add fundraising goals.
  1. Collect payments: Once you collect registrations, you need to collect payments from athletes. Our software allows for all payment types to be accepted and all payments are securely processed. 

Once you’ve established those goals as an administrator, you get to enjoy the fun part, which is actually participating in the summer camp. This is an opportunity for youth athletes to have fun and learn valuable life skills through teamwork. 

Remember to have fun, and help athletes get some of the biggest advantages out of summer camp like: 

  • Getting to socialize with their friends
  • Being active instead of having to endure a sedentary summer
  • Learning new skills that they can apply to the field once the regular season starts

We want to help you run a successful summer sports camp. Let Pickle Juice streamline your registration and payments for your event. Contact us to find out more!

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