4 Tips to Prepare for Youth Football Season

June 22, 2022    Youth sports

Child Football Player Closeup

Youth football is fun. 

As we grow up and mature into adults, we can get swept up in the competition of the game, but at the end of the day, it still needs to be fun. 

Youth football season will be starting soon, and it can be a bit of a hard transition from other sports, or a potential summer break, to being in mid-season football shape. 

So, for youth athletes out there—and their parents—here are some tips to prepare for the upcoming football season (while also still having a lot of fun). 

Practice Running Drills

“Practice makes perfect” is a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. The best tried and true method for preparing for the football season is to practice. Practice running drills and working on hand-eye coordination. Also, if your football star is new to the game, have them practice wearing a helmet, seeing the game from the inside of the helmet, and recognizing the challenges it presents.

Go Over The Rules

There are a lot of rules to learn if you want to play the game of football safely and effectively. But that’s where the fun starts. Take time to watch games, highlights of games and go over rules so your players know what to expect when it’s time to put on helmets and pads and suit up. 


Conditioning for the season now is one of the best ways to prepare ahead of the season. Take time to run outside, practice drills and get used to the speed of the game—also, make sure you hydrate and wear proper gear to get a sense of the difficulty of running in the equipment during a game, too.

Set Achievable Goals

Games are going to be competitive, but keep in mind that this is a youth sports league. Nobody is going to walk off the field and play for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. It’s important to understand your limits, but you shouldn’t be afraid to set goals. Focus on goals like improving every game, having an understanding of the rules and avoiding penalties, and playing the game correctly so you don’t get hurt. 

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