High School Fall Sports Registration and COVID-19

June 12, 2020    Covid-19, High School Athletics


With COVID-19 cases on the rise, keeping student athletes and their families safe is priority #1 during high school registration season.


Safety and social distancing should begin well before your student athletes step onto the field.

High school sports season in the fall of 2020 will be like no other. With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in some parts of the country, maintaining safe, social distancing is critical. And, it begins with the summer registration season.

People everywhere are moving to new forms of digital communication. They’re working from home, shopping from home and even visiting the doctor. Why should summer registration be any exception? Here are a few easy places to start:

  1. Online registration: Taking paper out of the registration process one of the easiest ways to limit personal contact out of the registration process. Allowing students and parents to register and complete forms online is easier—and more accessible—than ever.
  2. Communication: Be prepared to over-communicate with parents and students as schedules change throughout the season. Additionally, plan to communicate through multiple mediums, such as email, text and social media to ensure you are able to adapt to parents’ highly-disrupted schedules.
  3. Touchless payments: Whether it’s registrations fees, donations or on-site concessions, eliminate the need for paper currency (checks and cash) as much as possible. The increased use of Amazon, food delivery and grocery pickup services has more consumers used to using their debit and credit cards than ever before.
  4. Donations and flexible payment options: It’s no secret that many families are struggling. Provide adequate financial flexibility (payment types and terms) to ensure that the students most affected by the economic crisis are not left behind. And, be prepared to ask other families to help cover shortfalls—it’s going to take everyone working together this year.

This high schools sports season is going to be very different from years past, but it can still be safe and enjoyable. By starting now—during the summer registration process—we can prepare student athletes and their families on new process that will keep everyone safe when the games begin.

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