What to Look for in Your Team’s Financial Reports

July 14, 2021    Payments

team’s financial reports

If you’re in charge of your team or booster club’s financial reports, you know how complicated they can get. How do you know where funds are coming from? How do you see reports across your entire organization as well as by team?

Here’s what your reporting tool should allow you to do:

View one dashboard for your entire organization. 

Sometimes you need to view the status of just one of your teams, but do you have full visibility into your entire organization? Your reporting tool should allow you to easily view and manage the financial performance of one or all of your team accounts in a single dashboard. 

If you’re not able to do this, you’re likely missing out on a lot, and spending far too much time toggling between accounts.

Get all the details you need in your revenue reports.

If you look at your revenue reports now, how granular can you get? 

Are you able to see where registration fees came from versus concessions and apparel sales? Are fundraising dollars easy to separate from the rest of your revenue? 

If not, that’s a headache. 

Wouldn’t you like to be able to view exactly where every dollar is coming from? 

Understand every transaction across multiple team deposits.

Are you able to track revenue and credit card deposits all the way from the deposit to the bank for your entire organization? 

A quality reporting tool will give you detailed information such as revenue categories, team name, event name, and all underlying transactions. 

Track invoices and payments.

Does the registration process keep you up at night? Are you constantly trying to get a handle on the athletes who still need to register and pay? 

Imagine being able to see all invoices and payments collected in one spot. 

Easily follow up by sending invoices and payments as needed.

Once you discover that an athlete still has an outstanding balance, you should be able to seamlessly send an electronic invoice via email—does your current process make this simple or is it a hassle?

Luckily, here at Pickle Juice, our goal is to make your team’s financial reports easy to understand, manage, and follow up on. 

Our reporting feature gives you all of these things in order to keep you organized and make your job easier. You can see a full breakdown of our reporting feature here

In addition to reporting, other features include: 

  • Registration
  • Fundraising
  • Concessions
  • Message center

To learn more about these features or to request a free demo, click here.

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