Tips for a Successful Youth Football Season

August 18, 2021    Youth sports

youth football season

Gearing up for a great youth football season? Make sure you follow these tips:

Offer incentives for signing up early. 

We know it’s always easier when your athletes sign up in advance, and there’s nothing worse than hounding your prior athletes to sign up in time. Offer plenty of incentives for signing up early, including an early bird discount or even a referral discount. Doing this will help give you a better idea of what to expect early on, helping you as you prepare for the season ahead. 

How we help: we make registration simple, eliminating another barrier from signing up. 

Create a healthy environment. 

Especially as we navigate a post-quarantine life, it’s vital to create a healthy environment for your athletes. Set ground rules in the beginning of the season that you expect athletes to stay home if they’re feeling ill or have been exposed to COVID-19, and encourage healthy behaviors such as sanitization and social distancing. 

How we help: browse our helpful resources for tips on navigating youth sports in the wake of the pandemic.

Communicate regularly with your team. 

Good communication is a win for everyone. Set up a messaging strategy for how you’ll communicate with your team throughout the season, set up group messages for an easy way to send last-minute messages, and automate certain communications such as invoices and payment confirmations. By focusing on communication early on, you’ll eliminate confusion for you and your entire team, you’ll set the stage for the rest of the season, and you’ll keep everyone in the loop. 

How we help: our messaging feature allows you to easily send group messages, automate electronic invoices, and send emails and text messages to everyone from one central location. 

Encourage teamwork and togetherness. 

Start team building and trust exercises early with your team in order to set the tone for the season, and squash any negative behavior such as bullying as soon as you see signs of it. Team dynamics can be tough to navigate, but keeping an eye out for opportunities for togetherness will help. 

How we help: by taking some of the work off of your shoulders, we’re giving you more time and energy to pour into your team. 

We’re cheering you on as you start your youth football season, and we’re here to help alleviate as much of the registration and payment burden as possible. Get started today by clicking here. You’ll even get our premium package at the same price as our standard package through 2021.

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