Tips to Maximize Reach for Your Fundraiser

September 8, 2021    Fundraising

maximize reach for your fundraiser

Running a fundraiser for your team? Before you get too far, make sure you’re set up for success by following these tips. Then, once you’re set up, it’s time to maximize reach for your fundraiser. 

Tips to maximize reach for your fundraiser:

Build a distribution list 

First, you’ll need a strong distribution list. But with Pickle Juice, you won’t need to create one from scratch; simply use our message center to send out your fundraising link to your registered users via text or email. 

Make it simple for users to learn about and donate to your fundraiser. 

Create a simple mobile experience

Your donors shouldn’t have to download an app in order to donate. Our online fundraising tool gives your donors a simple mobile experience with no need for an app. 

Make it easy to share on social media

Especially because our fundraisers do not require an outside app, it’s easy to share fundraisers via their unique link. Easy sharing means more visibility to your donors’ social networks. 

Provide shareable information about your fundraiser to your team

Speaking of social media, an excellent strategy is to draft a few social media posts to share with your team. This makes it simple for them to share by just copying and pasting, and also creates messaging consistency. 

Create incentives for donors

Make it a fun competition! Enter your donors into a giveaway and choose a winner at the end of your fundraiser. Make every donation count as one entry, or have tiers based on amount (example: donate $10 for one entry, $20 for two, etc.). 

Another option is to give something away to your first donors in order to encourage early donations. Perhaps your first 10 donors get a prize or discount. 

Your prizes don’t need to break the bank—they can be as simple as discounts on team registration, free spirit wear, or a gift card. 

Be clear about what your fundraiser is for

Having a clear objective helps encourage donations. Make sure potential donors know exactly what you’re asking for. Use empathetic language to help them feel connected to your cause. 

Say thank you 

Collect your donors’ information and send them a thank you note and an update on your fundraising results. Showing your appreciation helps connect donors even more to your cause, which can help encourage them to share your fundraiser with even more potential donors. 

Your goal with your fundraiser should be to connect with potential donors in a way that encourages them to share and maximize your reach. 

If you’re not already using Pickle Juice for fundraising, we’d love to change that. The best part? Our premium package is available at the same price as our standard package through the rest of the year. 

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