Common Team Reporting Mistakes To Avoid

April 20, 2022    Payments

Common Team Reporting Mistakes To Avoid

Collecting a team’s fees and payments can be difficult. 

You can be a great administrator, coach or league director, but that doesn’t mean managing finances and reporting on payments isn’t still a headache.

There are some common reporting mistakes you need to look out for as the person managing your team, club or league.

  1. Not understanding a deposit: If you aren’t sure what you’re looking at, a deposit can get confusing pretty quickly. Where did a deposit come from? Is this from an event, fundraiser or team merchandise sales? You need to make sure you have clearly laid out detailed reporting information.
  1. Not sure what’s been successful: Like the first mistake, if you don’t know what each deposit is, then you also don’t know what has worked or not worked that season. Was your team able to reach its goal with fundraisers? Did you sell enough T-shirts to justify the cost? Did your funds come mostly through fees or sponsorships? This is something you need to be able to understand in order to plan for the future.
  1. Not knowing who has or hasn’t paid: If you are just looking at one lump sum on a bank deposit then it’s hard to know what those numbers actually mean. Find a system for reviewing any outstanding balances and track who has paid in full and who still owes on their fee. 
  1. You don’t send invoices: Player invoices are important for both your records and theirs. Sending an invoice creates a dialogue between you as administrator or treasurer and allows you to have a history of what is and isn’t paid for. Creating player invoices is an important tool for you as you build a report to send to players and parents.

Our Solution 

Managing the financial reporting for your organization’s program can be tedious. But we help you do the work. The Pickle Juice App lets you easily track and manage revenue from one central place. 

With Pickle Juice, you can: 

  • Track Deposits and Revenue
  • View Detailed Deposit
  • Get powerful revenue reports, receivable reports and payment reports
  • Create player invoices

We can help you get full visibility into your league’s finances and make sure you never have to make a reporting mistake again. 

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