What To Consider Before Selling Team Spirit Wear

May 11, 2022    Youth sports

What’s one of the best ways to show support for your team? Sure, you can attach a flag to your car, paint letters across your chest or get a tattoo of your team’s logo, but probably one of the easiest and most practical ways is by wearing a T-shirt, sweatshirt or hat. 

Showing team spirit is one of the things we love most about sports, and selling team spirit wear items for your youth or high school sports team is another excellent way to increase your program’s revenue, too. 

As you prepare to sell team spirit wear this season and beyond, here are some things to consider.

1.) What items do you want to sell: You can have a variety of products to sell–from hats and T-shirts to sweats, flags, socks—you name it. Offer a variety at different price points to allow everyone to have access to different items. Reach out to your audience either by survey or social media to see what it is they want and ask for feedback on what works and what doesn’t. 

2.) How do you want to sell your products: You can set up online stores, booths at home games or sell at local retailers. An online shop can make it easy for people to buy—they may not have the time to do it at an event in person, and accessibility is crucial to your success in selling spirit wear items. 

3.) Promote your items: Promote everywhere and often! You want to build intrigue and exclusivity. Post pictures of new designs and products and take photos and videos of people wearing your items across social media. You can also advertise with fliers or group emails and take photos and videos of people wearing your items. 

We can help you manage your payments

OK, so you’ve got boxes of shirts ready to sell and an online store ready to promote. How do we collect money for these items? 

We’ve got you covered. With Pickle Juice, you can accept payments anywhere. Our software accepts all payment types and categorizes each sale with a corresponding revenue category. 

When someone purchases an item, we help you process credit card, check and cash payments. We can process credit card deposits to your account in three days, and we’ll send you secure electronic invoices for reporting purposes.

You can also accept payments with our mobile payment app, where you can: 

  • Track sales and revenue
  • Manage administrator privileges 
  • Use a secure card and chip reader to accept payments right on your smartphone. 

Our reporting feature also gives you detailed information and full visibility into your finances so you never have to wonder where a payment came from. 

If you want to learn more about how Pickle Juice can help you manage your spirit wear, reach out to us today

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