How to Start Planning for Fall Sports Registration

June 15, 2022    Registration

Planning for Fall Sports Registration

Planning for the next season is a seemingly never-ending process—the second you start one season, you already have to start planning for the next. 

Even if you’re new to the league administration game, this still likely doesn’t come as a surprise. In order to be prepared for the next season—and the one after that—you have to stay on top of it by planning early. 

Here are some ways we will help you plan for the upcoming season. 

Simplifying Registrations

Pickle Juice simplifies registrations for you. The online payment platforms give you the ability to customize your registration and include special events. Since that’s taken care of, you can focus on streamlining the process for yourself by:

  • Offering incentives for early registrants like early-bird discounts and referral discounts.
  • Setting up your registration online and testing with links and emails to register early. You can plan to send these as often as necessary to parents and coaches

Simplifying Payments

Sports are expensive, and that’s understandable. But you can take care of athletes, parents and coaches by taking some of that burden away from them. 

  • Set up custom payment plans for your teams: Give your parents and players the options to pay in full or over multiple payments. These can be set up in advance of the season and ready to go when the season starts.
  • Make sure you have a system capable of accepting all types of payments and managing all forms of payment.

If you allow Pickle Juice to help simplify your registrations and payments, then you’ll have access to a secure card and chip reader that allows you to accept payments on your smartphone, and we have an application you can download to your phone that makes the process even easier. 

Communicate things like fees and deadlines with your team

One of the best ways you can plan ahead for your next season is to communicate early and often with all of your parents, players and coaches. 

  • Set deadlines for registration and fees and communicate those deadlines via email or text.
  • Make sure you have a management program that integrates an email function to send invoices, payment reminders and notifications for any failed payments. 

Pickle Juice makes communicating across your team, league or club easy with its messaging center that’s managed from one centralized location.

Planning for the upcoming fall sports season can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Use this time to think through big items you need to get done to help make the process easier when the time comes. If you need any assistance planning, Pickle Juice is here to help you. 

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