Team Rosters feature makes managing & moving players on rosters easier

July 11, 2022    Payments, Registration

Team Rosters feature makes managing & moving players on rosters easier

Recent updates to the Pickle Juice app give league admins even more flexibility and control when managing and moving players on a team roster.

Whether you’re making changes to the roster before the start of the season, or you need to make an update before a game, you can now do so quickly and easily from your phone or desktop. 

Upload or Create From Scratch

Users now have the ability to create Team Rosters from a list of athletes who have already registered for the season, or the league administrator or coach can manually enter them from scratch—there’s no need to have users in the database of athletes in the Pickle Juice directory. 

Leading up to the start of the next game, coaches can generate a roster and give it to the press box to announce team lineups. You’ll also be able to easily keep up with player substitutions.

More Flexibility

The Team Rosters feature gives admins more flexibility and control over who is on each team in your league, making sure that only those on a specific Team Roster receive communication within the Message Center. This allows the admin and coaches to keep track of jersey numbers, move players within a team roster and add positions.

All Athletes Are on the Right Team

If you’re a current admin of Pickle Juice, you now have the ability to move participants from multiple registrations into Team Rosters. 

If a participant signed up for the wrong team, creating a Team Roster and then adding this person to the particular Team Roster ensures that every athlete is on the correct team. If someone forgets to register, an admin can manually add them to the Team Roster, too!

This also solves the need to remove parents from an email group in Message Center if their athlete is no longer on a team. Parents of each athlete can quickly view the roster as soon as they log in to Pickle Juice and see other teammates’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, jersey numbers and positions.

We are committed to creating the best possible solution to simplify registration and payments and give league administrators and coaches everything they need to run their teams without issue. If you have any questions about how to utilize new features within Pickle Juice, reach out to us for help! 

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