New Scheduling Features Help Admins Better Communicate With Team & Parents

August 10, 2022    Payments, Registration

New Scheduling Features Help Admins Better Communicate With Team & Parents

We have added new scheduling features that will help league admins better communicate deadlines, upcoming events, games and practices with parents and athletes.

As a league admin, it’s important that you are able to help parents or athletes know when they have games and practices and the locations and times of those events, as well. 

This is a new feature we haven’t offered previously, and here are some of the reasons we know you’ll love it.

Create Schedules

New and current users now have the ability to create schedules for practices, games and any upcoming tournaments. 

The dates and descriptions can be clearly defined for your team and we made it easy to update, so admins can communicate with parents and athletes about any changes as they are made.

Parents and athletes also now have the ability to log in themselves and access a Parent and Participant Dashboard to view this schedule and let coaches and administrators know whether or not they will be able to attend, and see if others are able to attend, too. 

This is an extra tool for our users now to help you provide useful, timely information to everyone in your league. 

Stay Organized

This is an important addition that administrators did not have the ability to do previously. 

Since you can now create schedules for parents and athletes to view, as an administrator, you have this added benefit of staying organized with your league and having a tool for parents to reference so they can view whether or not a game or practice was changed.

Parents and athletes no longer have to worry about missing games or practices because of a breakdown in communication, and this limits their need to contact coaches and admins to get that information from them. 

This is a feature we’ve added to help make your life easier so you can relax and enjoy the game as an admin, a coach or a spectator.

Sports are supposed to be fun, and administrative bottlenecks are not. That’s why we are constantly working to give league administrators and coaches everything they need to run their teams without any problems. If you have any questions about how to utilize new features within Pickle Juice, reach out to us for help! If you aren’t a current user and want to learn more,  reach out to us today and we can set up a demo for you. 

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