Customer story: 575 Volleyball loves easy-to-build registrations and reporting feature

January 30, 2023    Payments, Registration, Youth sports

Registration, payments and pulling accurate reports for a team can be difficult. Even the best league administrators can have issues with keeping all of their team’s information and payments in one place. 

That’s why we created Pickle Juice. We wanted teams, league and club admins to enjoy the ease of reporting and registration without having to do it all yourself manually. We reached out to some of our customers to see how the platform improved the way their teams manage registrations and payments. 

Jeff Black, of 575 Volleyball, says he needed a better way to manage his team’s reports and get clear visibility into team payments and registration. He was using a similar platform previously, but he found that reports were not as simple to use and detailed as what we offer. 

He said Pickle Juice had “easy-to-build registrations” and loved how easily he “can pull reports” now compared to his previous process.

By using our reporting feature, Jeff says he now tracks and manages deposits, receivables and revenue from his team all in one place. Which has been a game-changer for him.

We love getting feedback from our customers and seeing how Pickle Juice has transformed the way that they approach their team admin role. We are always open to how to improve our system and make your life easier. If you ever want to reach out or have any questions, please contact us here!  

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