Customer story: Centennial High School

March 13, 2023    Registration, Youth sports

Pickle Juice was created to make life as an admin easier than ever. Part of those admin duties falls under bookkeeping for your team, league or booster club. Our goal was to make everything that teams, leagues, and club admin/bookkeepers struggled with more accessible and less stressful. 

We’ve reached out to some of our customers to see what they loved most about using Pickle Juice. 

Joan Schimelman, the bookkeeper for Centennial High School Athletic Booster Association, said that before using Pickle Juice, her biggest issue was around reporting. She says she had a hard time tracking and managing deposits for Centennial’s Athletic Booster Club.  

But after using Pickle Juice’s reporting feature, she could easily track revenue and credit card deposits all the way to the bank for their entire booster club. She was able to view detailed information including revenue categories, team name, event name and all underlying transactions.

She was also able to get detailed revenue reports that analyzed revenue by program and revenue categories. Now she can view registration fees, concessions, fundraising and more all from one dashboard.

With Pickle Juice’s reporting feature, she has a simplified way of pulling reports.

“Pickle Juice has made my job easier,” Joan says.

We love hearing from our customers and helping you walk through any issues you may incur along the way. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our platform and add new and improved features. If you ever have any questions or need assistance, you should reach out to us directly

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