Keeping athletes engaged over summer break

March 27, 2023    Youth sports

Summer break is a great time for athletes to relax and recharge after a busy sports season. However, it’s important to keep up with training and practice during the summer months to maintain strength, stamina, and skill. 

Here are some tips for how to keep athletes engaged over summer break:

  1. Set goals: Encourage athletes to set personal goals for the summer. These could be related to fitness, skill development, or even team-building. Having specific goals to work towards can help athletes stay motivated and focused throughout the summer.
  2. Provide resources: Make sure athletes have access to resources they need to stay engaged over the summer. This could include workout plans, practice schedules, or even access to a local gym or sports facility. Consider providing online resources or hosting virtual training sessions to keep athletes connected and engaged.
  3. Stay connected: Use technology to stay connected with athletes over the summer. Send regular emails or newsletters with updates and training tips, and consider hosting virtual team meetings to check in and stay connected.
  4. Encourage cross-training: Summer is a great time to explore new sports or cross-train in other activities. Encourage athletes to try different sports or activities that complement their primary sport. This can help prevent burnout and keep athletes engaged and motivated.
  5. Make it fun: Summer training doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Encourage athletes to participate in fun activities or challenges that promote fitness and skill development. Consider organizing a fun run, obstacle course, or other team-building activity to keep athletes engaged and motivated.

Although summer break is a great time for athletes to relax and recharge, it’s important to keep up with training and practice to maintain engagement. Encourage athletes to set goals, provide resources, stay connected, encourage cross-training, and most importantly, make it fun. 
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