Customer use case: Roswell High School Touchdown Club

April 17, 2023    Fundraising, Registration

Being a treasurer for a club or team can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of administrative work that needs to be done, both accurately and efficiently. Pickle Juice was created to make life as a treasurer or admin easier than ever. Our goal was to make everything that teams, leagues, and club admin/treasurers struggled with more accessible and less stressful. 

Kirstie, Treasurer of Roswell High School Touchdown Club, loves Pickle Juice because “It has taken so much of the administrative work off the treasurer and allowed others to handle registrations.”

She uses Pickle Juice for reporting, fundraising, and registration needs. With the help of our reporting and fundraising features, this has taken a load off of her and has allowed other people within her club to help out with registration needs- all thanks to Pickle Juice. 

With our reporting feature, you can easily track and manage deposits, receivables and revenue from all your clubs or teams in one central place. With our fundraising feature, you can maximize reach with the Pickle Juice Message Center to text or email donation links to your registered users. And finally, our registration feature has online registration, where all your forms and registrations are managed electronically all in one central place.  

We love getting feedback from our customers and seeing how Pickle Juice has transformed the way that they approach their team admin role. We are always open to how to improve our system and make your life easier. If you ever want to reach out or have any questions, please contact us here!

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