Customer Use Case: Ocean Springs Switches to Pickle Juice

July 14, 2023    Registration, Uncategorized

Quote from Ocean Springs

Efficiently managing payments and registrations is a crucial aspect of running any organization, especially for school bands and their parent associations. When the Ocean Springs High School Band Parent Association faced challenges with their previous platform, they turned to Pickle Juice.

Ocean Springs had been using Square to handle credit card payments for band fees, merchandise, and concessions. However, they soon realized that the platform’s reports did not cater to their specific needs. This created additional work as they had to sort and fill in the information in spreadsheets manually. Additionally, their band communication platform, Discord, presented issues with parents unwilling to download the app or allow their children to use it.

The association reached a breaking point when it realized the extra work and tax liability associated with Square’s records and reports. They sought a solution that would simplify financial reporting and student registration processes. After exploring various options, they found Pickle Juice, which offered a ready-made solution to address their specific challenges. 

They said, “We found Pickle Juice to have a ready-made solution to several issues we were facing, but the financial reporting and student registration platform were what had us choosing Pickle Juice.” This also aligned perfectly with their goal of streamlining administrative tasks for new volunteer Executive Board members.

Although the band fees and registration for the marching season were already completed when they adopted Pickle Juice, the association immediately took advantage of the platform’s point-of-sale (POS) system for their concessions. They were impressed by the simplicity and versatility of the POS system, which could be easily used on their existing mobile devices, helping to keep costs down. Adding items and generating reports became effortless, enhancing their efficiency and overall organization.

As the busy marching and competition season came to an end, the Ocean Springs High School Band Parent Association looks forward to utilizing more of Pickle Juice’s available features. Their upcoming priorities include implementing registration and message features. By gradually incorporating these functionalities, they aim to enhance communication, simplify registration processes, and improve overall coordination within their organization.

If you’re looking to simplify your team’s management processes, streamline payments, and optimize registrations, we’d love to hear from you!

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