Why Youth Merch Matters For Sports Teams

August 31, 2023    Uncategorized, Youth sports

3 reasons why merch plays a role in youth sports

Youth sports are the heart of the “coming of age” experience and the soul of schools and communities. Just like in the big leagues, youth sports merch offers an opportunity for anyone to connect with the identity of the team, bringing everyone together over a shared love of any game. You can achieve the same with your local school or club!

Here are three reasons why merch plays a critical role in youth sports:

Identity: Your Team Should Be a Brand

A school or club sports team is more than just a group of players. It’s an ideology that creates a sense of belonging in anyone associated with it. Other clubs, like 4-H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or even motorcycle clubs, are all visually associated with each other based on one common element: branding. The merch is what bridges the gap between identity and belonging.

Money: People Buy What Resonates With Them

Parents, grandparents, relatives, friends –  the circle is nearly limitless for every participant. They all want to support their loved ones’ endeavors and dreams. There is a shocking lack of inspiration regarding youth sports merch. Color outside the lines a bit and do more than just the logo! 

Additionally, with detailed tracking and easy-to-generate reporting, you can track what merch and concession items are selling. This will inform future inventory decisions and spark inspiration to create new, similar items. 

Community: A “Friday Nights Lights” Vibe All Over The Place

The players and coaches are sons, daughters, wives, sisters, husbands, and friends who are all beloved members of the community. Home games, sporting events, band concerts, school rallies, fundraisers – each of these events are opportunities to interface with community members who might not otherwise be involved in school or club functions. 

Leverage these moments as much as possible with merch and concessions that will appeal to your market. Offer easy ways to pay for concessions and professionalize your sales.

Ready to leverage merch sales for your sports team? We’d love to help you capitalize on all the opportunities available to fund and organize your team. Schedule a demo of the Pickle Juice platform today!

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