Youth Sports Registration Tips

June 16, 2021    Registration, Youth sports

Youth Sports Registration Tips

Is the registration process keeping you up at night? It can get complicated and stressful, but there’s a better way! Get ready for your next season with these youth sports registration tips. 

Create incentives. 

Offer an early bird discount, a new player discount, or a referral discount in order to encourage registration from new and returning players. 

Help alleviate fees and minimize the registration cost. 

When you use a management tool like Pickle Juice, you can enable flexible payment schedules to help your players afford your registration fee(s). You can even customize payment plans for any player. 

Make it simple to register. 

Convenience is critical to a successfully registered season. Do away with complicated registration forms or tools and instead, offer an easy-to-use registration process that’s easy to find, interpret, and complete. 

Make it accessible. 

Similarly, as we enter another COVID season, it’s vital that your registration process is easily accessible and safe. Things may begin to return to normal, but as a culture, we’ve gotten used to almost everything being online. Make sure your registration is also easily accessible online.

Promote registration regularly. 

Don’t expect parents to register as soon as it’s open; they’ll need reminders and encouragement to register. Post about it regularly and include time-sensitive information such as “only one week left to register!” This will keep it top of mind and ensure your players don’t forget.

Need some help setting up your team registration? We’ve got you covered! 

At Pickle Juice, we offer everything you need to simplify registration for your team, club or league, including:

  • Online registration
  • The ability to accept payments online
  • Payment plans
  • Electronic forms and waivers
  • One master account
  • The ability to email and text from one central place

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