Track and Manage Your Sports Organization’s Revenue and Deposits with Our Reporting Feature

January 19, 2022    Payments

Managing the financial reporting for your organization’s sports program can be time-consuming and tedious. Let Pickle Juice do the work for you with our advanced reporting features. All your revenue can be easily tracked and managed in one centralized location.

Track Deposits and Revenue

With Pickle Juice, you can easily track revenue and credit-card deposits all the

way to the bank for your entire sports organization. You’ll also be able to quickly receive credit card deposits in your bank with our 48-hour funding turnaround.

View Detailed Deposit Reporting

No more guesswork trying to figure out what makes up each deposit. Pickle Juice has streamlined that for you with its detailed deposit and revenue reports. Detailed deposit reporting helps you easily reconcile your bank statement. View exactly what is in each electronic deposit record, such as, revenue categories, sport name, event name and all underlying transactions.

Powerful Revenue Reports

Pickle Juice’s powerful Revenue Reporting lets you know how much revenue has been generated, and for which sports program and revenue categories. See how much was collected in Registration Fees, Spirit Wear Sales, Fundraising, Sponsor Donations, Etc. and who paid. You are able to track and manage all forms of payments being accepted across all teams and events including; credit cards, checks and cash.

Receivable Reports

Pull receivable reports to see all outstanding invoices, all payments that have been made against a player’s invoice, and who still owes you money.

Payment Reports

View powerful payment reports with all payment information for all invoices in one place. Any payment made will show up on this report as soon as the payment is processed or recorded. The Payment Report includes: deposit date, payment type, invoice #, amount, status, sport, program, event, participant name and the results of scheduled payments ran.

Live Registration Reports

View live reports of all the players who have registered, keep up with who has paid, and know how much you have collected.

Create Player Invoices

Each player has an invoice created with their registration information and any payment made. The treasurer has access to view invoice history, as well as accept and record a payment to apply towards an open invoice.

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