How to cut down on the number of fundraisers your team needs

February 3, 2023    Fundraising, Youth sports

Can you have too many fundraisers?

If you’re a coach, parent or league admin,  you probably immediately had an answer to that. Whether it’s 1, 2 or 10 a season, they can all seem like too much when you’re caught in the middle of a busy season.

The problem is not whether there are too many or too few, it’s just about how you are going to carry out all of these fundraisers to maximize their efficacy.

Having multiple fundraisers can be simple when you have an easy-to-use and low-cost process. Before you start adding or removing fundraisers for your teams, though, think through why you need to raise those funds, the benefits behind these fundraisers and then how you can streamline your fundraising capabilities so you can get the most out of each one of them.

Why fundraising is important for youth sports

Fundraising in youth sports is important because it can not only help you during the season but also help you continue operating your club or league in your off-season when you are not generating as much revenue.

When the team needs new uniforms or needs transportation to a game, you will be able to fund this without any worry through fundraising. Fundraising helps you enjoy the season with your team or club without stressing about money!

Skills youth athletes gain through fundraising

There are a lot of valuable skills youth athletes acquire through fundraisers. Fundraising teaches skills such as project management, money management and teamwork. Learning how to manage your time and efforts to get the most out of your fundraiser is an important lesson you learn through practice.

Maximize reach to increase funds for single events

You need to be able to maximize your fundraiser’s reach. Pickle Juice helps you do this. There’s no need to build a distribution list from scratch, and athletes use the dashboard to create individualized fundraising links. They can customize these links with photos and descriptions and then send those out to their contact list to help collect more donations. It makes advertising your fundraiser and increasing your reach easy. 

How does that benefit you? 

  • You raise more money faster 
  • You cut down on the need for additional fundraisers.

Pickle Juice helps you create and share campaigns without using third-party solutions. So, you can easily set fundraising goals, communicate using our messaging app with athletes and guardians, AND then log donations directly into your Pickle Juice account. 

More visibility

You need to know how much you’re collecting. This helps you budget, allocate funds to different projects and see whether or not you’ve reached your goal or if another fundraiser is in order. Pickle Juice gives you better visibility and detailed financial reports so you never have to worry about not knowing your team’s fundraising balance.

With Pickle Juice,  you can also:

  • Create, manage and view multiple campaigns
  • Share fundraising goals and easily track progress
  • View who has donated and how much
  • Enable donors to display their name and a message or donate anonymously
  • Communicate regular updates via your promotion page
  • Enable donation revenue to be added to your booster organization’s master account

Fundraisers are an important part of team sports. But, let’s be honest, they can be exhausting for parents, admins, coaches and athletes. By making sure you have the right tools and methods in place at the beginning of a season, you can cut down on the number of fundraisers you need each season, which will make each fundraiser more impactful and give your athletes a break. 

Learn more about how you can make fundraising easier here. Read more about ways to maximize your fundraiser’s reach here, and tips for helping you set up attainable goals through fundraising.

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