5 Tips to Improve Booster Club Accounting

September 8, 2023    Fundraising, Payments, Uncategorized, Youth sports

get your booster club accounting dialed in

For booster club accounting, it all comes down to exact dollars and cents. But that’s not an easy job! People go to school for years to learn the ins and outs of proper accounting, but oftentimes, booster clubs are left to figure it all out. Everything you’ve all worked so hard for could go out the window if the accounting isn’t handled with accuracy and precision. 

Here are our top 5 tips to improve booster club accounting: 

A Treasurer Is A Treasure

Your booster club should have a designated treasurer to manage the finances and bookkeeping, which creates a healthy accounting process. They will be responsible for setting the budget and communicating fundraising goals. 

Get On The Digital Ticketing Train

No, seriously. This solution alone can resolve a whole host of accounting problems, from managing cash flow and real-time tracking for sales to calculating profit and loss and reducing overwhelm. In addition, digital ticketing offers team members and patrons multiple ways to pay and a heightened level of security for your volunteers and donors.

Nerd-Level Organization With Categories

Create designated categories for where all the funds are coming from. This does two things. First, it ensures funds go where they’re supposed to go, and second, it will help booster presidents and ADs know where to focus future efforts to enhance successful routes or reactivate underperforming ones. 

Report To The Office

Team funds should be separate from department or school funds and be deposited into designated accounts. Detailed financial tracking and reporting paint a picture of the health and status of your team or department to give you a top-down view of what the next budget should look like.

Use An All-In-One Platform That Does It All

Tracking, reporting, sales, payment processing, concessions, fundraising, registration, invoicing – all of it. Get all of these features in one place for a streamlined operation and accurate accounting every time with Pickle Juice. 

If you’re ready to get your booster club accounting dialed in and learn more about how the Pickle Juice platform can help, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today!

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